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The Man

Dat's me yo

At Night We Dream of Chaos is the online portfolio, personal blog and creative space of designer and web developer Sam Norris* (*that's me).

I am a crafter, artisan and manifester of compelling and engaging digital experiences, visual wonders and pixel-perfect solutions; specializing primarily in UI/UX design and front-end web development - but also with an interest in, and varying degree of interdisciplinary knowledge within a number of other fields across the broad spectrum of the digital, graphic and web design industry. I am also a digital artist and illustrator hobbyist.

The Plan

They say there is a method behind every madness - perhaps even mine (most of the time), believe it or not...


The foundation of any good project is solid planning - a thorough analysis and assessment of your goals and needs as a client or business, along with user research, requirements gathering, discovery of solutions to problems and general project scoping help to outline a clear vision for the direction of the project; and rough sketches of initial ideas and concepts, lo-fi prototyping and wireframes provide an important opportunity for early feedback and refinement before the development of more concrete solutions.

Design and Develop

From caffeine-fuelled brainstorming sessions emerges the all-important development phase of a project where I get down to business and, well, make sh*t happen so to speak - transforming ideas into tangible products and deliverables. Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch on the design side and Git, SASS and PHPStorm on the coding/development side are just some examples of the many tools at my disposal that I am proficient in and make use of regularly to weave a web of pixel-perfect magic.

Build and Deploy

Further refinement of key concepts based on feedback, testing and a final round of polish, tweaking and optimization culminates in a finished, shiny and functional product ready for you to show the world. Just remember: if anything breaks or goes wrong after this point, it's not my fault! (kidding... I will always do my best to provide any assistance or support wherever possible, often times free of incurring any additional cost - even after the completion of a project.)

Selected Works

Browse some of the bits and pieces I have recently worked on in the gallery below, as well as a brief synopsis/overview of the project.
If that ain't enough for ya, feel free to check out my Behance page or my blog to see what else I might be getting up to.

There is geometry in the humming of the strings,
there is music in the spacing of the spheres.
- Pythagoras

From the (B)log


Posted on 22 February 2019 by Sam

Tempus Fugit

A project which has been quietly in the works over the past year and a half or so, At Night is now officially launched - an upgrade, an overhaul and a redesign of my now decommissioned online portfolio previously hosted at; this website will serve as the hub for all of my work-related activity and updates, and may eventually develop into a more comprehensive personal brand identity of sorts. This is just the initial release so things are still subject to change, broken things will be fixed and I have plans to eventually do a lot more with this site...

Posted on 5 June 2017 by Sam